HAUNT Hungária Ltd.

Haunt Hungária Ltd. is a predecessor in title of a small-scale business, established in 1980, which became private company in 1997, then has transformed to Ltd with 10 million HUF share capital. The main activity is the production of portable amplifiers (GZ-749) which was the starting product of the small-scale company, having been established in 1980.

In 1981, this produce was prized in the ’Small-scale Inventions’ event, organized in Budapest, which has been a simple, reliable, long-standing appliance. The sales of the product has been successfully begun in Romania since 2007.

The distribution and service of other types of portable amplifiers have been launched for the last years with the complementary provision of altering the originally manufactured product according to customers’ needs (the number and sensitivity of microphones, the change and redevelopment of objects). There are no additional costs for these services in most cases, helping satisfy private needs.

Our goal is the production of long-standing , high-quality goods with reliable service background, having been operating for a long time now, what we think is a guarantee itself.