GZ 749 Hordozható Erősítő GZ 749 Hordozható Erősítő GZ 749 Hordozható Erősítő GZ 749 Hordozható Erősítő GZ 749 Hordozható Erősítő


We would like to introduce a universal amplifier which can be easily used at different outside programs, school ceremonies, social evenings, presentations, meetings, funerals, sport events where the line power is missing or problematic to ensure it.

It works from batteries, accumulators or from line power with the help of its adapter. If you want to switch to the saving mode, we suggest using the accumulators, it can be charged from line power in few hours. CD player, dictaphone or tape-recorder can be connected to this product.

The accessories contain a special cabel which helps connect the appliances in one system.The cables can be replaced with URH microphones if there is no room or disturbing to guests.

The wireless microphones give the opportunity to move easily and independently, but it is usable with the cable microphones at the same time either. Any necesarry tape-recorder, dictaphone or CD player connection is solvable also cordless.

Technical data:

- IC technology
- Built-in volume control
- High and low level input
- LED based battey status indicator
- Power: 5W
- Frequency transition: 100Hz-10kHz
- Low level input: around 10mV
- High level input: around 250mV
- Distortion: <0.6% (3W, 1kHz)
- Voltage supply: 12-18V (from 12pcs R20/LR20, accumulators or optionally buyable adapters)
- Size: 230×230×130 mm
- Weight: around 3 kg (with batteries)
- Accessories: 12 pcs batteries