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It is a universial, heavy-duty amplifier which works from built-in accumulators, from 220V line power and from 18V direct current. It can be used either outside or inside in a room with excellent sound quality and performance. This form designed new model has many useful function.

This device allows to use 2 URH (wireless) microphones or 2 wire microphones simultaneously with an equalizer function, plus a volume-control setting and an option to set the total volume at the same time.
Mp3 can be played from the CD/DVD - and USB player with excellent quality. The additional ECHO function helps improve the quality of speech if the circumstances are not given.

After the voice priority button activation, if you start speaking into the microphone, the sound of the music will be continously lowered during your speech, and if you finished, the music will continously get back to the volume level as it was before. The HBM 892 type is also adapted for digital recording to its own memory card or SD card during different outside programs.

Supplementary amplifiers can be connected in order to have bigger performance. Another connecting option is a television set or a monitor, where we can enlarge or rotate pictures with the remote controller which can be useful at meetings for instance. All of the functions can be handled with the remote controller working behind and in front of the amplifier.

It can be racked on a stable adjustable rack, which can be ordered optionally, so that its usage becomes more convenient. It is easily moveable by its pull-out handle and wheels, but it is also comfortable to carry it by lifting.

Technical data:

Power: 100W/50W Freqv: 863.675-864.300Mhz
Frequency transition: 50Hz-18Khz Full charge: 7-10 hours
Accumulator capacity: 3-4 hours Weight: 9 kg
Size: 340x510x360 mm
Accessories: - Urh mic 2 pcs
- Remote controller 1 pc
- Accumulator 3 pcs
- Batteries 4 pcs
- Guidebook 1 pc

Optionally can be ordered:

- Built in MP3 player
- Adjustable rack
- Urh mic with tweezers